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August 2017

The Attitude of a Lion!

The beginning of the Football Season is soon to be here, and with it are the annual predictions of how the teams will fair this season.

As much as I hate being the "bearer" of bad news (pun intended), according to ESPN's Football Power Index Rankings, the Chicago Bears are predicted to come in last place in the NFL North Division, with an approximate record of 6 wins and 10 losses.

To make matters even worse, the Green Bay Packers are predicted to make it to the Super Bowl! However, we can at least take comfort, that the Cheddar-heads are predicted to lose Super Bowl LII to the New England Patriots. In addition, the Bears are projected to re-peat as the winners of the first-round draft pick in 2018! Woo-hoo!

But even though things may appear bleak for the Bears, at least you're not a life­ long Detroit Lions fan like me, who are predicted to do just slightly better than the Bears this season, with a record of 7 wins and 9 losses, making it 60 years, since the Lions last won a Championship in 1957. And since the Super Bowl began in 1967, the Lions have only won one play-off victory.

While, many thought that the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series would usher in the Coming of the Messiah and the end of the world, this was only a sign that the end is nigh. For clearly, the Detroit Lions winning the Super Bowl is the irrefutable sign that the apocalypse is now here, and the Final Judgment will soon begin just as my Gridiron Heroes in Honolulu Blue and Silver are about to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the air.

Ironically, the mascot for the NFL's Motor City team is known as the King of the Jungle! Granted, real Lions do not have Honolulu Blue and Silver colored fur, but have you ever asked the question, "Why is the Lion the King of the Jungle?"

For the Lion is not the not the tallest animal in the jungle. The Giraffe is. The Lion is not the largest animals in the jungle. The Elephant is. The Lion is not the heaviest animals in the jungle. The Hippopotamus is. The Lion is not the smartest animal in the jungle. The Chimpanzee is. The Lion is not the fastest animals in the jungle. The Cheetah is.

Yet when the Lion shows up, they all run away. What makes all these animals respect such a small cat? The answer is attitude! Attitude is product of belief .. And the lion is King, because of what he believes about himself.

For example, a lion will see an elephant, and he sees lunch, thinking, "I can eat this thing", and he acts the way he thinks. The elephant is larger, bigger" stronger, more powerful, heavier, and more intelligent ---and yet when the elephant sees the lion, he thinks, "I'm toast!", and is taken down by the lion and his den and eventually eaten.

Similarly, our attitude is a product of what we believe about ourselves. You cannot have an attitude beyond your belief. And so, as a baptized child of God, I encourage you to re-affirm who you are in Christ, based upon the sure Word of God, in order that you might have an attitude that is fitting for the child of God that you are.

Such as the following affirmations based upon God's Word:

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

My God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19)

God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7)

The Lord is the strength of my life (Psalm 27:1)

Greater is He that is within me than He that is in the world (1 John 4:8)

God always Causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 2:14)

If God is for me, who can be against me? (Romans 8:31)

This is the confidence I can have in approaching God. If I ask anything according to His will, He hears me (1 John 5:14)

No weapon formed against me shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17)

There is therefore now no condemnation to me, because 'I am in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1)

God makes all things work together for my good (Romans 8:28)

Because I delight in the Lord, He will give me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37:4)

For I know the plans God has for me are for me to prosper and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)

Nothing can separate me from God's love for me in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:39)

And there are countless other passages from God's Word, assuring you of your victorious status in Christ, won for you through His sacrificial death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.

And can be personally applied to you, whenever the Holy Spirit calls you by the Gospel message, and enlightens you with His gifts, through God's Word and Sacraments.

Thus, you can confidently proclaim:

"I am who God says I am!"

"I have what God says I have!"

And "I can do what God says I can do!"

Charles Swindoll has written the following on Attitude:

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts.

It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do.

It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.

It will make or break a company ... a church ... a home.'

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.

We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude ...

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it.

And so it is with you ... we are in charge of our Attitudes.

And so, no matter how your team happens to fare this season or in the seasons to come.

No matter what your lot in life.

Don't ever forget your victorious status, as a forgiven child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, an heir of salvation and etemallife.

As Proverbs 28:1 tells us, "The wicked flee, though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a Lion!"

Celebrating His Victory!

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