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December 2014


As you may be aware, in Frankennmuth, Michigan, there's a place called Bronner's, advertised as "The World's Largest Christmas Store!".

Since 1945, Wally Bronner has made his living celebrating Christmas every day of the year. Around 2 million guests visit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland annually in search of Christmas decorations, one-of-a kind gifts, or the chance to simply experience what most consider the largest Christmas store in the world.

Located 90 miles north of Detroit, the store has over 50,000 gifts, covers 7 acres under one room, and features 500 different nativity scenes from 59 nations, more than 350 decorated trees, and 6,000 types of ornaments. The twinkling lights, Christmas music, and holiday scents are a delight to the senses. The place will convince you that it's Christmas even in the middle of July.

Bronner explains that "The message of Christmas is the most wonderful message in the world. It's a message that can change the hearts of people. It's a message that proclaims God loves us and came to our world to prove just how much. And because of that, it's a message that is relevant every day of the year, not just on December 25th".

You may not have lots of Christmas decorations and displays at your home this time of year. You may not even have a Christmas tree or lights. But, as a recipient of the Christ child as your Savior, your transformed life is a living advertisement of the true meaning of Christmas:

The baby born in Bethlehem was conceived by the Holy Spirit and went on to live a sinless life, so that He could offer up His life as the unblemished Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world. All who believe in Him will not perish but have everlasting life!

This Good News is relevant every day of the year, not just on December 25th! Imagine the excitement the angels had when they got to tell the Shepherds that finally the Savior had come to this earth in the flesh, just as God had been promised to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:15!

The Good News the angels first shared with the Shepherds is our privilege to share with others today, as well! Mayall the members of Messiah be living advertisements of the true meaning of Christmas, as the Holy Spirit works in us both to will and to do His good pleasure (ref. Philippians 2:13).

"Go tell on the Mountain, over the hills and everywhere that Jesus Christ is born!"

God bless you this Christmas Season and always!

Pastor Wendt


Come and worship the real Reason for the Advent/Christmas Season, namely Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah! He came as a humble baby born in a manger and is coming again as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to judge the nations! Listed below is our worship service dates and times for the month of December. Note: Prior to the mid-week Advent Services, a light meal will be served starting @6:00 p.m. Invite others to join us in receiving the Gospel proclaimed in Word and Song!


As follow up on the LUKE program, each pastor of the LUKE congregations is being asked to go through the Body Life Basics and Delta books prior to a three day retreat, which will take place January 6th-8th at the Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center in Oregon, Illinois.

On January 9th there will be a fellowship dinner for the pastors and leaders of the candidate LUKE congregations held at the Suparossa/Biagio Restaurant, 4242 North Central Avenue. On January 10th, Rev. Pankau will be leading the Omega Experience Conference for the pastors and leaders at Luther North, 5700 West Berteau Avenue. The objective of this conference is leadership training, and will include break-out sessions to discuss specific vision casting for each congregation, as well as singing the covenant to become a LUKE Church. It is important that all our leaders attend!!!


One of the heart-wrenching results of war, particularly to for their family members and loved ones, are the men and women in our military who have been classified as "missing in action". They may have been killed, wounded, become prisoners of war, or deserted. In any case, their whereabouts remains a mystery. Similarly, one of the heart-wrenching results of spiritual warfare is that some church members end up "missing in action" from regular worship attendance. While, we cannot judge the heart, we are to remind all of our members to be faithful to their confirmation/membership vows in being faithful in worship attendance in keeping the third commandment ("Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy"). Just as each MIA soldier has their own unique story of how they ended up missing in action, so each of the following members have their own unique story of how they ended up "MIA" and "getting out of the habit" of regular worship at Messiah (see Hebrews 1025). Hence, the following "MIA" members of Messiah are listed, not to shame them, but because they are missed and we genuinely care about their spiritual walk with the Lord. We cannot simply stand by and ignore their missing worship attendance, as fellow members in the body of Christ. I am. asking all of our members to join in the effort in searching for our "MIA" members that they may return to the fold of Messiah and together worship and praise Our Lord and Savior on a regular basis! Please, join me praying for the following MIA members of Messiah!

"But the father said to his servants, 'Bring out the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet. And bring the fatted calf here and kill it, and let us eat and be merry; for this my son was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.' And they began to be merry" (Luke 7:22-24)

List of Detached Members (In-Actives)

Andrea Bock (nee-Collias)
Norma Carlson
Troy Carlson
William Carlson
Terry Carter
Cindy Collias
Emil Collias
Christopher Collias
William Cramarosso
Angela Cramarosso
Danielle Cramarosso
Natalie Cramarosso
Allison Cramarosso
Karen Feldy
Phyllis Feldy
Marie Hacker
Marian Hansen
Harry Hansen
Steve Hudomiet
Barbara Hudomiet
Emily Hudomiet
Kim Kanaker
Kaitlyn Kanakes
Lynn Luna
Kyle Luna
Michael Novak, Sr.
Michael Novak, Jr.
Katie Novak
Olga Ocampo
Natasha Ocampo
Cezar Ocampo
Peter Orsa
Patricia Orsa
Jason Orsa
William Orsa
Thomas Oser
Elsa Oser
Lavergne Pederson
Jeffrey Prusko, Sr.
Sandra Prusko
Jeffrey Prusk, Jr.
Katheryn Spicer
Rebecca Spicer
Steven Spicer
Lynn Spicer
J acklyn Spicer
Greg Swiderek
Donna Swiderek
Scott Swiderek
Megan Swiderek
Shawn Swiderek
Susan Weigel

2015 Messiah Pledge Form

Pledge forms will be available in the narthex during the Season of Advent. You are encouraged to prayerfully fill this form out, as the Holy Spirit leads, as a pledge to Your Lord and the fellow members of Messiah in the new year, ahead! The following are the pledges for 2015 that our members are being asked to make in faithfulness to our Lord and His Church. May God bless Messiah and each of our members in 2015 with renewed joy in our Salvation and much fruit for His Kingdom!


1. General Pledges:

I will support the work our gracious Lord has given Messiah with my prayers and the gifts God has given me.

I will continue to be instructed and nurtured in the Christian faith and life.

I will continue to hear and receive the instruction of my Lord, confess my sins, and receive the Lord's Supper faithfully.

I will hear the Word of God and receive the Lord's Supper faithfully in attending the Divine Worship Service.

I will live according to the Word of God, and in faith, word, and deed, remain true to God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, even to death.

I will continue steadfast in the Confession of the doctrine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, drawn from the Scriptures, and as taught from the Small Catechism.

I will support the work of this congregation in making disciples of all nations by baptizing and teaching according to our Lord's mandate.

2. Pledges to Support the Pastoral Office:

I will show our Pastor the love, honor, and obedience in the Lord that is owed to the shepherd and teacher placed over me by my Lord Jesus Christ, with the help of God.

I will support our Pastor by my gifts and pray for him always that in his labors that he may retain a cheerful spirit and that his ministry at Messiah may be abundantly blessed, with the help of God.

I will honor and uphold our Pastor as he serves Christ III all his God-pleasing responsibilities.

I will aid our Pastor as he cares for his family, with the help of God.

I will be diligent to "put the best construction on everything", recognizing that "love covers a multitude of sins", with the help of God.

I will support the Office of the Holy Ministry in order that the Word of may be preached and the Sacraments administered according to His institution.

3. A Pledge to Support our Congregational Officers:

I promise to support our congregational officers in their work, to remember them in my prayers, and to work with them to the best of the abilities that God has given me, so that He may be glorified and His work be done in our midst.

4. A Pledge to support our Sunday School Teachers and other Instructors in the Faith:

I promise to support our Sunday School Teachers and other Instructors in the Faith with my prayers, and to work with them to the best of my abilities that God has given me, so that He may be glorified and His work be done in our midst.

5. A Pledge to Support our Lutheran School Teachers:

I will show our Lutheran School Teachers fitting love and honor, and support them by my gifts and fervent prayer, with the help of God.

6.Pledges for the Spiritual Care of Messiah's Young People:

I will join the parents, sponsors, and the whole Church in the responsibility and concern for the ongoing instruction and spiritual care of the young people of Messiah.

I will pray regularly for the Spiritual growth and care of Messiah's Young people,

I will offer my counsel and aid that our young people may grow up to lead a godly life to the praise of honor of Jesus Christ.

I pledge myself to the catechesis of our children at Messiah that they may faithfully confess the faith, support and encourage them in their instruction and nurture, and pray for them that they might not fall away from Christ.

I will be an example of prayer and faithfulness in hearing the Word of God, receiving the Sacraments, confessing sin, and living by faith in Christ's forgiveness with love toward others, that our children may learn from me to suffer under the cross of persecution and affliction with steadfastness, patience and joy, to the glory of the only true God; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

I will assist our parents in the grace of their own Baptism, that they may faithfully nurture their child(ren) in the knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

7. A Pledge to Support the Marriages of Messiah:

I will pray and encourage the husbands and wives at Messiah in their marriage, remembering at all times that God wills them to live within their vows until they are parted

I will fulfill these Pledges in the year of our Lord, 2015, with the help of God:

Name: __________________________________ Date: _______________


As you enter into 2015, we pray that the Joy of your Salvation accomplished by the Word of God made flesh may never cease in your life, no matter what the circumstances! As He promises in Matthew 28:20, "For Lo I am with you always even unto the end of the earth!"

Surely, God is with us for He is our Immanuel!

Pastor Wendt and MiRan

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